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​Welcome to a place where intentional parents spend their screen time.

The Love Mum Project offers you a digital legacy solution you never realised was possible. It allows you to future-proof all kinds of messages and memories for your children (or any kids you adore), within a secure, user-friendly platform.

Each Love Mum (or Grandma, or Dad!) template is custom-designed for a family, tailored to where they live in the world and the dates and milestones that matter to them. It is brimming with possibilities for the years ahead, yet also a chance to capture details and insights from the past.

You can jump ahead to the technical details;  but to really understand how it works, I think you have to understand how it began...   

Meet the Mulligans

Meet the Mulligans

Hello, I'm so glad you're here! I'm Emily Mulligan - Founder and Chief Enthusiast behind this loved-up initiative. My daughters, Daisy and Polly are its inspiration. 

How it began

In 2020, I felt like I'd finally found my purpose in life. I was revelling in motherhood with then-one-year-old Daisy, and had decided to grow our family on my own terms, this time pregnant with the aid of a sperm donor.

Despite being overjoyed by the pregnancy and having lots of family support, at times I was haunted by my worries: 

What if something happens to me while they are growing up?  Will the baby resent me for depriving them of another parent? How will they possibly grasp how much I loved and wanted them?

I wished I could guarantee both my children a lifetime of access to my love, support and wisdom, but the sort of resource I was envisioning just didn't exist.

Then in April 2021, a tragedy unfolded. I resolved to create the very thing I had been searching for - a means to ensure my children would always know my love, even in my absence.

I'd been following the pregnancy of an inspiring American solo-mum-to-be on Instagram, but around her due date, her daily stories stopped. She must have had the baby, I assumed delightedly. It was weeks until the devastating reality broke: she'd died giving birth to her beautiful little star, Nova.

At a time we were already inundated with news of the pandemic, here was another sobering reminder of life's unpredictability. 

But while we may not be invincible, our love can be. And it was from that empowering notion, that The Love Mum Project was born. 

Project Entries

While it originated from that place of fear, it has transformed into a celebration of love and the journey of life...

Milestone Messages

Orange envelope _ orange heart.png

When Polly gets her first period

Daisy envelope.png

Daisy's First Day of High School

Daisy envelope.png

If Daisy's announces she is Pregnant

Orange envelope _ orange heart.png

If Polly comes out as LGBTQIA+

Orange envelope _ orange heart.png

If Polly has to stay in hospital

Daisy envelope.png

When Daisy gets her P Plates

Daisy envelope.png

If Daisy gets a special award

Orange envelope _ orange heart.png

On the Birth of Polly's first baby

Orange envelope _ orange heart.png

Polly's First Backpacking trip

Daisy envelope.png

Daisy's High School Graduation

My first task was distilling my motherly love and pride into videos and messages that my older brother would be able to share at these pivotal moments.

These are a tiny selection of the milestones that I've prepared guidance for.

Birthday Wishes


Next I got to work preparing annual birthday messages, until the girls are twenty-one.

I've tucked away handwritten cards in a box, plus started digital entries, peppered with videos and voice notes, that I'll add to over time.

When I reflect on life at a certain age in one daughter's birthday message, it
 automatically appears in the other's, thanks to some backend magic. 


I quickly realised I didn't want the Project to focus solely on the future. I wanted its help to keep me grounded in the present, plus become a treasure trove of the past.

What's become my happiest habit is adding memories, quotes and photos. All from a shortcut on my phone. 

I cherish the thought of the girls going through these entries with their own grandchildren one day, and them continuing the tradition. 

My aim is no longer to complete my Project;
 just ensure my story is told, and pass it on to the next generation. 

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 9.21.43 am.png

This is a view of the current Season

On the final day of each season, I receive a notification to record the key moments I felt joy, gratitude, pride and resilience. I've  meticulously tailored this for every Season until 2050!

With the demands of motherhood, every month would be too often, but a season seems the perfect length of time ☀️⛈️🍃🌻  



Within an individual Memory, I'm able to store photos, videos and anecdotes, and 'tag' whichever loved ones were a part of it.

By now, my own girls have hundreds and hundreds of Memories stored, further categorised by tags I've created like "Home", "Outings", "Traditions".

The beauty of the software is how you can view the same information in so many ways, with everything inter-related. 

While I was breastfeeding Polly, and now whenever I'm kept waiting, it's a productive, satisfying thing to do, instead of guiltily scrolling Instagram.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.54.13 pm.png

Loved Ones

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.36.03 pm.png

Each of our friends and family members have their own 'page', which is automatically updated every time they're tagged in a new memory. 
Here you can see my daughter's best friend Ruby's page*and so many of the experiences they've shared since they were babies. 

* Shared with her parents' permission

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.14.33 pm.png

Advice & Reflections

The final piece of my Project, Life Lessons, is ever-expanding, with dozens of insights I plan to develop further, as I continue to grow. Motherhood has clarified my values and dreams unlike anything else. I've had so many life experiences I hope I can share with my girls, helping them cultivate their own outlooks. 

I can link relevant pieces of advice in the digital entries of birthday cards. Below, you can see how in Daisy's 16th birthday card I've linked a lesson I’ve about figuring out what career to pursue after high school. In that, I've linked a 2010 Memory about when I started Law School just because that's what a good, smart girl 'should' do.

The interconnected nature of the Project's entries transforms the whole experience into an interactive journey for Daisy and Polly. Rather than a journal or Facebook timeline, viewed chronologically, my girls will be able to navigate through the Project led by their curiosity, discovering advice and personal anecdotes interwoven throughout.

This Project is a testament to the unbreakable bond between a parent and child. 


Explore the site to learn more, or click on the button below to get your own Project underway.

What mums are already saying about the Project

"The thought of something happening to me, and my daughter being left to grow up without me terrifies me, and I love that this Project means she will always have me there on special occasions."

Core Features

Custom-designed with your family's birthdates, school grades and milestones 

As you mark entries Complete, they appear in your Keepsaker 
Portal for safe-keeping

Guides you in preparing birthday wishes, milestone messages + life lessons

For every sale, a free Project is made available to a mum with a life-limiting illness.

Memories function to piece together your past, and keep your recent experiences up to date

150+ examples of topics to reflect on in a personalised 
Guidance Gallery

Updates which cards you still need to acquire, and which entries have been completed

Age and gender-specific writing prompts embedded in each card

Option to share specific entries with other family members via email

Tech Aspects

 Stores Text, Photos, Videos and Voice Recordings

Seamlessly integrated with the free project management software Notion 

Advanced + Encrypted
Database Technology, protecting it from being lost or damaged.

Syncs across your devices, so you have access whenever inspiration strikes

me Daisy tears 3_edited.jpg

Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today


Having any of these thoughts?

"It's just too morbid to think about"

Facing the thought of not being there for your children is undoubtedly challenging, but the Love Mum Project is about embracing the present and securing a legacy of love and wisdom for your children.

The Project offers a platform for conscious parenting, enabling you to impart life lessons and share memories that continue to guide and comfort your children, no matter what the future holds. It's an act of love, hope, and foresight, turning a difficult thought into a beautiful, lasting gift for your family, that you'll hopefully be the one to impart anyway. 

"I don't have any spare time"

Life is indeed busy, especially for parents. The Project is designed with this in mind, with tools and tips to integrate this beautiful practice into your busy life with ease. It allows for flexible engagement - you can contribute at your own pace, in moments that suit you. Whether it's jotting down a quick memory on the bus, recording a few voice notes while you're out walking, or gradually building up a box with letters and cards, every small contribution adds up to a meaningful whole.


This Project isn't about carving out large chunks of time; it's about the cumulative effect of tiny, heartfelt actions. We often find time for things we deem important. What if you could redirect a fraction of your time spent on social media or watching Netflix, to something that creates lasting value for your children?

"My kids wouldn't appreciate that kind of thing"

Every child values knowing they are loved and thought of, even if they don't always show it in conventional ways. The Love Mum Project goes beyond traditional sentimentality. It offers a personal and timeless connection, tailored to resonate with your child's unique personality.


As they grow and navigate life's complexities, the wisdom and memories you've shared will become an invaluable source of guidance and comfort, cherished more with each passing year, that they will look forward to sharing with their own children.

"I'll make my own version one day"

Starting a legacy project independently is a commendable effort, but the Love Mum Project brings a structured, research-based framework, expertly designed to guide you in creating a comprehensive and meaningful legacy. The platform not only saves time and effort but also enriches the content with child development insights and prompts that ensure your contributions are both impactful and age-appropriate.


Moreover, it provides a secure, organised digital space for all your memories, advice, and reflections - something that can be challenging to replicate on your own. By choosing the Love Mum Project, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a professionally curated experience that enhances the value of your personal legacy for your children. 


Plus, "one day" isn't guaranteed.

"I'm not good with techy stuff"

The Project is user-friendly and intuitive, designed for parents with varying levels of tech expertise. It can be accessed on the Notion app, or through any web browser, even at a public library. The fact you're on this website right now means you've got access to all you need for it.


With straightforward instructions embedded in every page, and a supportive online community, you'll find that integrating this Project into your life is seamless. Plus, the process of learning and engaging with a new tool can be a rewarding experience in itself, adding another layer to the legacy you're leaving your children.

"I don't have anything worth sharing"

You don't need to be a wordsmith to make a meaningful impact. The Love Mum Project is designed for every parent, regardless of their writing style. Your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, when shared in your own unique way, are invaluable to your children. They'd want you to sound your authentic self, not confusing them with clever words you'd never use.


The Project offers various mediums - from written pieces of advice to videos and voice recordings - ensuring that the form your messages take resonate deeply. Remember, it's the sincerity and love behind your words that count the most.

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