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The cost of your personalised Love Mum Project depends on two things:

  • Number of Children | We cater to families of all sizes. Each additional child costs $20 AUD

  • Amount of Love | Adding the Memories, Seasons and Loved Ones features costs $39 AUD.

a little


Tailored Celebrations: Personalised with your children’s birthdays + school years, plus your selection of Milestone Messages

Custom Designed header images + your choice of colour theme for each family member

Versatile Access: receive desktop + mobile phone interfaces

User Friendly: inbuilt instructions + additional online tutorials

a lot of

love (+$39 AUD)

Everything from 'a little love'  


Memories Archive: dedicated space to add photos, videos and stories from your past, that you continue to update as life unfolds

Season Snapshots: receive a notification on the last day of every season, to reflect on the moments of joy, pride, resilience and gratitude

Additional Loved Ones: dedicated pages for other family members, which automatically display the memories they have been tagged in

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 2.08.32 pm.png
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 2.08.32 pm.png
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