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Who should begin a Project?

Every parent, or in fact anyone who loves a child in their life, will feel empowered by starting their own Love Mum Project, but here's who might be compelled to begin right away:

Older Parents
High Risk Professonals
Hereditary Risks
Dangerous Hobby
Military or Aid
Kids with Special Needs
Lost a parent
First Nations Immigrants
Chronic or Terminal
Long Distance
Generatinal Trauma
Struggle to Communicate
Long Hours

 Unique parenting challenges

Certain lived experiences

 Elevated Safety Concerns

 Health Insecurities

Explore how a Love Mum Project aligns with your circumstances

Select all that apply to you


Explore how a Love Mum Project aligns with your circumstances

Select all that apply to you


Opens your heart and mind:

Nothing in the Project's template is assumed about a child’s sexual orientation, career aspirations or other parts of their identity. For the sake of your child's wellbeing, you are encouraged to spare such assumptions when it comes to completing your Project. For example, the default wording for a female child's letter  is "When you find out you or your partner is pregnant". Many topics in the Guidance Gallery intend to loosen archaic expectations and standards. 

Shift from autopilot to mindful parenting:

Being so intentional about recording your thoughts and wisdom in your Project, you're constantly reminding yourself of what truly matters. It will transform even mundane tasks into opportunities for bonding and teaching, and you'll be on the lookout for 'Memories' to record, finding joy more easily. 

Evoke positive change in your parenting style:

Frequent introspection may well lead to a more empathetic, patient and conscious parenting approach. Regularly reflecting on the values that are important to you, and that you hope you are instilling in your children means you are likely to subtly align your daily parenting choices and actions with what you are articulating. 

Make sense of your own life:

As you write birthday cards from ages one to twenty-one; you'll ponder the trials you faced during each of those years. When were seeds of insecurity planted, or other unhelpful thoughts or patterns that kept reoccurring? 

Heighten your understanding and patience:

Every entry you complete is an exercise in empathy. You'll gain a deeper appreciation of what your child might be experiencing at each stage of their growth and you'll be able to connect to their world more meaningfully. 

Encourage family bonding:

It need not be a covert mission that you undertake a Love Mum Project. You can include your kids in the process, and get their help to choose photos and videos to add as a 'memory' after a particularly wonderful day. Ask what their favourite part was and quote them. Sort through old family photo albums together and upload photos of the pages. Regularly interview them and upload the video as a snapshot in time. Take photos of their drawings or paintings, and add an Artistic Timeline in their page. 

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