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Let me guide you through my favourite parts of my own Project, the unexpected benefits I've discovered, plus how it will support my daughters if my life has an unexpected ending.

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Milestone Messages

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When Polly gets her first period

Daisy envelope.png

Daisy's First Day of High School

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If Daisy's announces she is Pregnant

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If Polly comes out as LGBTQIA+

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If Polly has to stay in hospital

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When Daisy gets her license

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If Daisy gets a special award

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On the Birth of Polly's first baby

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Polly's First Backpacking trip

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Daisy's High School Graduation

I've curated a mixture of written, audio and video entries, filled with the kinds of sentiments I hope I'll get to offer in real life, for pivotal moments like these.

As I make progress with a message, I click whether I've added a 
 handwritten letter💌 ,  gift 🎁 ,  typed message ⌨️ ,  video 📽️  or  voice recording 🎙️ .

The software will notify my older brother when each message might be relevant, based on my daughters' ages, and what needs delivering. "If Daisy gets a special award" appears from the time she starts school next year, whereas "When Daisy gets her license" is set to age 16 so won't show until 2035. My brother can use his judgement to share them personally or via email when the time is right.   Of course this will never negate the sorrow my girls would feel over my loss, but I feel relief when I imagine surprising and delighting them with all these gestures well into the future.

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Birthday Wishes

Do you remember when you were a child, there being nothing quite as exciting as your birthday? The one day that shone solely on you. 

My own mum made such a huge effort with my birthday presents and parties, but beyond those frills, the day was an important reminder that I was loved and valued, just for being me.  I need my girls to feel me there on their special days, celebrating them, no matter what. By having annual birthday messages prepared until they're twenty-one, I know it will strengthen their self-worth, and reinforce our bond, year after year.  I've stored handwritten cards in a box, plus started digital entries with videos and voice notes, that gradually improve as more to share comes to mind.  In each 'card', there's a place I can reflect on life at that particular age, that automatically appears in the other daughter's corresponding card, thanks to some backend magic.

To inspire other parents, I've created specific son/daughter writing prompts for every age, that are embedded in the cards. 

These prompts can easily be deleted, and clicking the button 'Send to Keepsaker' sends the message straight to the child's portal.  

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The addition of Memories to my Project has transformed it from being solely future-focused, to helping me embrace the present and honour the past. 

My Happiest Habit
Whenever I'm kept waiting, updating our memories is such a satisfying thing to do, instead of guiltily scrolling socials.

Each 'memory' can house photos, videos or text, and is tagged with the loved ones involved. My girls now have hundreds of these memories stored in what I term their Keepsakers.


Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.54.13 pm.png

In today's world of digital clutter, this feature will allow them to easily reminisce by searching for a keyword, viewing memories containing a specific friend, or exploring particular categories I've tagged, like "Beach house" or "Traditions".  

"I'm not talking about Insta-worthy  memories of sunset-river scenes, but the realities, trials, and joys of our lives - how I can never get us to kindy on time, Polly licking spilt milk off the kitchen floor..."

From my iPhone interface, I've created a shortcut 'Store a memory' so it's as simple as clicking this one button. 

Season Snapshots

On the final day of each season, I receive a notification to record the key moments I felt joy, gratitude, pride and resilience. I've automated this for every season until 2050!

With the demands of motherhood, every month would be too often, but a season seems the perfect length of time ☀️⛈️🍃🌻  


The seasons automatically store the relevant memories in them, as chronologically ordered albums. 

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I cherish the thought of the girls going through these entries with their own grandchildren one day.


My aim is no longer to complete my Project; just ensure my story is told, then pass it on to the next generation. 


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Each of our friends and family members have their own 'page', which is automatically updated every time they're tagged in a new memory. 
Below, you can see my daughter's best friend's page, and so many of the experiences they've shared since they were born. 

* Shared with her parents' permission

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Advice & Reflections

The final piece of my Project, Life Lessons, is ever-expanding, with dozens of insights I plan to develop further, as I continue to grow.

Motherhood has clarified my values and dreams unlike anything else. I've had so many life experiences I hope I can share with my girls, helping them cultivate their own outlooks. 

Here, you can see how in Daisy's 16th birthday card I've linked a lesson I’ve about figuring out what career to pursue after high school. In that, I've linked a 2010 Memory about when I started Law School just because that's what a good, smart girl 'should' do.

The interconnected nature of the Project's entries transforms the whole experience into a vastly interactive journey for Daisy and Polly. Rather than a journal or Facebook timeline, viewed chronologically, my girls will be able to navigate through the Project led by their curiosity, discovering advice and personal anecdotes interwoven throughout.

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