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What's so important about writing birthday cards?

For most children, their birthday is the one day that shines solely on them. Beyond the excitement of presents and parties, this day strengthens their sense of self-worth and belonging. It’s a reminder that they are valued, loved, and celebrated for who they are.

This tradition isn't about dwelling on the possibility of not being there; rather, it's the certainty of your love reaching your child every year, without fail.

​Preparing birthday messages, whether written or recorded, ensures your child always feels you there, celebrating their special day with them. It's locking in your love: your bond reinforced, year after year. 


Putting such thought into their future personalities and what they might need to hear proves to your child how much they matter to you—that you were willing to make this effort just for them. Of course, hopefully it's you who gets to deliver the cards on the day anyway, and you can all have a chuckle over the sentimentality of it all.

So, why do you need a complicated project management system when you could just tuck away a box of cards under your bed? 

Actually, The Love Mum Project un-complicates things. It makes it easy to stay in action, particularly for those of us who find our inspiration fizzles before the finish line. And, let's face it, twenty-one years is a lot of birthdays to prepare messages for, especially if you have multiple children. The challenge of keeping your messages unique and meaningful can be daunting, as is tracking what's already been completed. 


So for those who need some structure to help them bring their best intentions to life, The Love Mum Project is the perfect companion. It offers:

 ✓ A custom-built template: pre-populated with cards for all your children's birthdates and school milestones until they're 21 School Grade Insights: offers a handy reference to your child's school grade, allowing further context for your message.


Boy/Girl Message Prompts: age appropriate suggestions, based on child development research, built into each card. You'll never be lost for words

Frame of Reference: automatically calculates the date you turned each age, and provides space for you to reflect on your life at that time.

✓ Intelligent Syncing: automatically shares the age reflection you write in one child's card across siblings' cards of the same age, so you're not repeating your efforts

Streamlined Organisation: if you mark a card as Bought it moves straight to the Need to Write list. Protected Visibility: in your child's and Keepsaker's portals, only messages marked In Progress or Complete are visible, avoiding the disappointment of blank messages if you haven't gotten to them all.

Always on Time: choose to activate reminders for each message, so they are shared exactly when intended


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