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What goes into
a Project?

You can enrich your Project further every day by adding text, photographs, audio recordings, or video messages across five mediums:

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  • Age Reminders: Includes a reminder of the date you celebrated the same age, helping to spark personal memories and insights. 

  • Child's Age and School Grade: Provides the future year and anticipated school grade for each age, helping contextualise as you craft a message. 

  • Coordinated Across Siblings: Plan key points you want to address or record personal reflections relevant to a particular age, and these entries will seamlessly populate in the respective cards for all your children. 

  • Both Reflective and Forward-Looking: Encourages reflection on your own experiences at each age while anticipating and celebrating your child's milestones.

  • Gender-Specific Prompts: Includes thoughtful prompts tailored for boys and girls, with relevant topics for each age.

  • Automated Features: Streamline your planning process - once a card is marked  'Bought', it's automatically removed from your shopping list and appears in 'Ready to Write'.

  • Safekeeping: When a card is marked as 'Complete', it becomes visible in the recipient child’s and the Keepsaker’s portals, ensuring its future accessibility.

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