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How it works

Order your Project by filling out the encrypted form here.

You will need to provide:

  • Yours and your children's first names and dates of birth

  • A landscape photograph of each family member

  • The year each child completed (or will complete) Year One 

  • Optional demographic info for further Project customisation

(Please note: all data is confidentially stored on a secure server)

Select your theme, accept the Terms and Conditions, and make a payment of $189 AUD. 

Detailed Project Instructions will be sent directly to your inbox, including guidance on setting up an account on Notion. 

Receive a digital voucher to gift a complimentary Project to a mum facing a tough diagnosis.

Expect your tailor-made Project in your inbox within

five business days.

Powered through Notion

Each Project is a highly personalised template that the user edits through the cloud-based software, Notion. You can access this through any web browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari) or by downloading the free app for iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. This syncs across your devices and can be edited offline.

Like many cloud softwares, there is a free and a paid-subscription version, depending on your needs. As of November 2023, the free version allows you to add up to 1,000 pieces of content (a lot of memories, photos, letters, videos etc.) before needing to upgrade. 

Family Database Creation

Based on your detailed Typeform responses, we craft a unique Family Database, with interconnected pages for you, each of your children, and your appointed Keepsaker – the trusted guardian of your Project.

Our flexible design allows you to easily add or modify family members, pets, and friends, with simple, integrated instructions.

Family profile.png

We calculate and predict birthdays, school years, and major milestones, tailored to your family. Default Birthday Cards and Letters are created for each child.

Your Memories, sorted into seasons and years, form a rich timeline of your life. You're encouraged to add photos and memories from your life pre-motherhood, and post regularly as time goes on, tagging whichever family members are included.

Milestones and Memories

Guidance Gallery Customisation

We'll curate a Guidance Gallery brimming with suggested Advice and Reflections for you to write, that resonates with your family's distinct characteristics – household structure, cultural background, and the ages and genders of your children.

Project Handover & Getting Started

Once it's been created in your chosen theme, you'll receive a link to access your Project in Notion. You'll be guided on how to duplicate the template for your private use. Then it's ready for you to pour your love into it.

Let it become your healthiest habit. Several ways to begin are by filling in your personal profile with all your 'Favourites' and other important information. Contemplate who might be your Keepsaker, and whether that's a conversation you need to have. Dive into the Guidance Gallery to gain some inspiration.

View What can I add to my Project to learn more

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